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Efficiency & Effectiveness in Lake County, Florida is a volunteer organization of Fiscal Conservatives in Florida's Lake County, Florida.  We are also connected to the North Lake County Tea Party Local Issues Committee.  This page links you to our TWO Blogs: Lake County Fiscal Rangers & Corruption in Iraq & the World.

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This Lake County Fiscal Rangers blog focuses on the  subjects below:

NEW - Transparency Comparison Guide - March 14, 2011 - View our in-progress matrix HERE of the quality of information transparency from the Lake County Board of Commissioners (BCC) , the Lake County (FL) School District Board (LCSD), the North Lake County Hospital District (NLCHD) and the Lake County Legislators' Delegation.  We will be adding to this over the next month.

 - The Lake County government, which has a budget of $416-million and around 1,887 employees (including Constitutional Offices) for fiscal year 2009-2010.  The Board's operations do NOT currently have a professional County Manager, a Controller, or authorizations for performance audit by the separate "County Auditor" working for the County Clerk.  CLICK HERE to see only our articles on Lake County Government.

- The Lake County, Florida School District in Florida (LCSD) which has 5,000 employees and is the largest employer in lake County.  They have $450+million in net assets (after liabilities of $426-million, including long term debt of $377-million), a budget of $575-million, including $160-million for capital outlays (school construction, etc.) for 2009-2010.  Recently, the Board authorized a 1.5% pay increase for teachers in closed meetings without public input.  CLICK HERE to see our articles on the School District.

- The North Lake County Hospital District (We created a website for them HERE.), collects a 1 mill tax on all residential & commercial property in North Lake County, which is listed on your property tax bill.  The District Board automatically distributes the $11-million or more in tax funds to two Lake County major hospitals without ANY specifically defined purposes or requirements for performance reports or documentation to ensure public awareness, economy, efficiency and effectiveness of spending.  I do not consider the law or the Board to be providing ANY accountability for the taxpayer funds.   CLICK HERE to see our articles on the Hospital District.      Visit the Facebook page HERE for the Hospital District at "FixLakeTaxes" (You have to have a Facebook account) .

 At this time, we don't cover local cities, but you never know...



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Our Second Blog: Corruption in Iraq & The World

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This is a blog focused on monitoring & reporting on issues related to corruption in Iraq & the world based upon the author's anti-corruption experience in Iraq.  It NOW includes Afghanistan.  It is based on the author's experiences working as an anti-corruption advisor in Iraq from 2004 to 2006 (23 months) and two months in Afghanistan in early 2009 leading a team training Afghan Ministry Inspector General staff in current internal audit techniques.


And, you can also see our White Paper on Understanding Corruption HERE at Google’s “Knol” knowledgebase.


Click HERE to see Vance Jochim's White Paper on 28 Solutions to Fix Corruption in Foreign Countries. 


Click BELOW to see article in Internal Auditor about Vance Jochim's Experiences in Iraq Fighting Corruption:

Corruption In Iraq - Internal Auditor Journal article on Vance Jochim's Experiences fighting corruption


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About the Founder of

Fiscal Rangers was founded by Vance Jochim, an MBA and former Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) who was a corporate internal audit manager in California for 18 years in firms like ARCO (Oil), Nissan Motor Corp., County of Los Angeles, as well as an international software firm and an  80 location US concrete materials manufacturing firm (now part of Cemex).  He is an expert in the field of “operational auditing” which is different than financial audit methods used by CPA’s, and focuses on identifying, reviewing and correcting large operational and profitability problems in organizations and developing action plans to correct the resulting profitability or efficiency problems.   Jochim founded due to his frustration at observing he large differences between the way businesses are professionally managed vs local Lake County government agencies.


Vance JochimIn Iraq, in 2004-2006, Jochim was also the Chief Auditor and a US Embassy advisor to the Iraq Commission on Public Integrity (CPI).  CPI is the Iraqi anti-corruption agency formed by the Coalition Provisional Authority in 2004.  Jochim also wrote issues white papers for the 10 major economic sectors in Iraq for the US State Dept. Iraq Reconstruction Management Office (IRMO) and developed operational improvement action plans for the reconstruction procurement system in Iraq.  Jochim has also worked for Deloitte as a Senior Consultant in Afghanistan in early 2009 for two months, leading a team that developed courses and trained audit staff of 8 Afghan Ministries in internal audit techniques.


Mr. Jochim has been contacted by US Dept. of Defense Inspector General investigators, CBS, NBC, Conde Nast Portfolio, UK's Accounting Today, UK's Guardian Newspaper, and the US Senate Democratic Policy Committee related to Corruption in Iraq.  He has given presentations on Corruption in Iraq to several organizations and provided a two hour continuing education seminar on the subject to the Orlando chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors in May, 2008. 


Jochim moved from California to Lake County, Florida in early 2006, and is currently forming a small business in Lake County in the Medical Tourism field. He is active in the Lake County Republican Party and is a member of the County Republican Executive Committee.  He was also the Director of Publicity for the 2008 & 2009 annual Sunnyland Antique & Classic Boat Festival in Tavares.  He is a member of the Chambers of Commerce in Tavares, Mount Dora and Eustis. 


Email is FiscalRangers AT comcast DOT net .


Click HERE to see a list of case histories of performance audits conducted by Vance Jochim.


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Link to our white paper on “Understanding Corruption” in Google’s Knol knowledgebase.




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