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March 23, 2014


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I don't think urban sprawl itself is bad, but many of us Lake County Tax Payers and parents to public school children have grown hostile to the idea of new land development because of the financial burden our county commissioners, the school board, and the development lobbyists have placed on existing home owners with an increased tax burden (they want me to pay for new development with more doc stamp fees, higher property and sales taxes) and the harm they have done to our educational system, police and fire departments, and loss they have caused us to take on our home values (simple supply and demand: a flood of cheap new houses lower the values existing ones). When land developers stop trying to push the costs for their business on residents and schools, and become partners in our community instead of adversaries to it, you may find less hostility and potentially even a little support in allowing them to stay and continue to increase traffic, place more demands on our schools, and increase the need for a school transportation in a district that already leaves 4,000 of our children behind.

Of course, the developer will tell you that he adds jobs and creates a thriving community, and if you live in South County, you may even believe a thing or two he says. But, those of us in North County know that the villages is the biggest home development project in the United States, building 55,000 homes in the last 15 or so years, and the surrounding community (like wildwood and Sumter County) still has the lowest wages in the nation, still has high unemployment, and are just as poor as before the development started. In other words, if the largest development in the nation cannot bring a drop of economic prosperity to the little town of Wildwood Florida, the chances of these little projects scattered throughout our county having any positive economic impact on us, is laughable at best, but the negative economic impacts, which were severe on the schools, police, fire, and other EMS this year, are very high, and we should have the rights to defend our family, home values, and other property rights against these outsiders recognized as well!

I fiercely oppose any new developments that forces our own students to lose the scarce educational resources they have, and am fed up with subsidizing the profits of a few developers when the only economic impact on my family is an ever increasing power to devalue my existing homes, and am made ill every time these so called conservatives (who claim to put the rights of the tax payers first) try to get me to pay for the costs of business for those people, by pushing their impact fees onto me. I have a home, meaning that my impact fees were included in my home cost, and they have already been paid in full!!

The only solution I see is to do one of two things. Either tell the developers that we can no longer pay for the costs of their business, and demand that they become self supporting individuals, and then end the welfare to them, or two, we cancel their permits and tell them to get the hell out of our town. Most of us don't want them here, we surely don't need them, and there is no way people support paying for them. I don't know if being financially responsible for yourself and not asking others to pay your way is considered conservative or liberal any more, or if that is decided by who gets the welfare. These land development argument is not just about their property rights, it's also about ours too, and we should have a right to stop them. I can't see any reason to support them or their business until they can start 'adding value' to our community, because asking them to stop harming us is the minimum standard we should accept, and our rights are just as important as theirs.

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