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July 25, 2016


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Vance Jochim

Marian - the problem with always taking the environmentalist approach to "mining" is that many times it ignores property rights and negotiated mitigations. I have been at several of these where liberal groups took a hard stand, wailing about tree cutting, when it was specifically precluded in the development plan. Property owners many times have rights... I suggest you raise funds to buy the land, not try to use legal means to remove property rights.

Marian F McKinney

Since Leslie seems so concerned about this sand mine, then why wasn't she just as concerned when she voted for them to be able to mind peat on Goose Prairie. Goose Prairie is one of our few recharge areas in Lake Co. for our water. This indeed will affect EVERYONE in Lake Co., yet all of the CC voted for it except Jimmy. Cadwell knows how important it is, and when I ran for CC, I agreed not to run the next time on Cadwell's promise to always protect Goose Prairie. Ultimately Cadwell bold faced lied to me. Sometime I wonder if anyone in our CC gives any concern about the citizens of this county. This county is where I was born and raised and it truly concerns me how WE THE PEOPLE are indeed NOT REPRESENTED.

Robert Short

Commissioner Campione is absolutely correct regarding Jimmy Conner and CEMEX. I have known Conner for some 20+ years. He is the consummate politician and bully. I recall one occasion some 17 years ago when he challenged me and tried to bully me into not attending a School Board seminar being held in Orlando. Even though I was some 66 years old I called his bluff and told him to either put up or shut up. He snivelingly crawled away. I have desperately tried to rid Lake County of his political presence. Stupid people in the Villages always seem to vote for him.

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