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Vance Jochim

Thanks for the note.  I approved it for publishing. 

You can find how to complain to the FL Division responsible for Mobile homes here.  The Florida Statute 723 supercedes local law, which means no local agency can help you.  

You can go to the FL agency responsible for enforcing Chapter 723 here and file a complaint.

However, you need to read their rules and may see that mobile home owners have a lot of leeway, or they are ignoring some of the strict rules.

Then, if that agency does nothing, complain to your local STATE Representative AND Senator.  

That is the problem.  The Chapter 723 was a great improvement over no laws years ago, but there are loopholes for unethical mobile home park owners to take advantage of.

Keep me posted on what happens if you decide to complain.   By the way, in the past, complaint info was automatically given to the mobile home PARK owner and is not confidential, so the park owner may seek revenge.  In my local case, he was an attorney and called the complainers and threaten to sue them, which forced them to be quiet.  

You really have to raise hell with the State Rep or Senator.

 Vance Jochim 

Maria Torres

I live in Lake Worth Florida in a mobile home park about a hundred trailers and the people are being taken advantage of in a really nasty way in the last 15-20 years I've lived on and off in the park the last 10 years straight lived in the park or taking advantage of people they charging my daughter $30 more a month for her 4 month old son and she owns the trailer I don't know where to get help

Christine beauregard

Tried to sign up with the comment feed link. Did not give me a way to do it. Live in trailer park in Naples Fl on Cocojatchee river. Rent land

My Mobile home in France

Thanks for sharing the handy guide.

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