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November 07, 2017


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gus Heim

my name is Gus Heim , was a real estate broker , but not a REALTOR because I have proof that they were moslty corrupt!retired USN 30 years ago, and left this corrupt Country years ago. I am always looking for people that want to stop the Government takeover! There is a Florida Statute called deannexation, where you , and your neighbors can get out! The pay and retirement system is corrupt and illegal and I have proof. Florida Statute 121.091, read it! Every fill time elected official is already retired from the system . Ban Double dipping! So much more we can use against this greedy government system of politicians . If I can help more please call me 352-406 4466 I am in Lake County but I live overseas also , where it is free. my email is gush6860@yahoo.com YOU need more exposure because there are many disaffected taxpayers looking for leadership. Sincerely Gus Heim Umatilla.

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