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January 11, 2018


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Gus Heim

Thanks for keeping an eye on Local Government!I have a passion that no one in Government wants to address, nor publicize. Florida Statute 121.091 The section on DROP, the Deferred Retirement Option Plan. The only thing that is deferred is the day you stop working for the STATE. You get full pay and FULL retirement at the same time after you file the papers to go into the DROP. Then you work five or more years more and collect both at the same time!It is well hidden in the language of the bill and I think it is obscene, immoral and a secret from the taxpayers, who surely are struggling to pay for the expenses of government. THE congress made it legal by law long ago! Please investigate the LAW and if you agree with me, expose it and repeal and eliminate this .I believe It is simply a way of bribing the employees to stay loyal to a very bad system.

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