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Pete Antonacci speaking recently about Florida election integrity before he died mysteriously. This devastating expose report below on Florida voting system loopholes is from researcher and data analyst Kris Jurski of The-Peoples-Audit.org who I have covered before and uploaded videos of him at Rumble.com/FiscalRangers. This information calls into question the "integrity" of Florida's voting system espoused by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Pictured is the recently deceased Director of the Florida Office of Election Crimes and Security, Pete Antonacci, who still has not been replaced. Is that "Office" all a shiny object to distract voters from the evidence shown below by Kris Jurski? WATCH the new Catching Fire News video linked below that features Kris Jurski and also READ the report below. Then use your anger to share this with others and call or email your Florida elected officials. Vance Jochim - FiscalRangers.com Published Oct. 14, 2022 ================================================= The webpage for this report is: https://www.fiscalrangers.com/2022/10/new-research-report-on-floridas-election-syndicate-of-democrat-china-connected-vendors.html Subject: Florida Election Syndicate With less than 30 days left before this crucial election, this video is a must watch: https://rumble.com/v1nsn8o-floridas-election-syndicate.html You would assume that Florida ballots, especially ready-to-mail ballots, were all done locally with the direct supervision of your local SOE, but you would be very... Read more →

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