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Former Assistant to Joan

She was in Maryland. Not Delaware.

Martin Lauchenauer

The following comment was submitted on March 22, 2017, by Martin Lauchenauer, a friend of Joan Veon's from Switzerland.


Jochim Vance, thanks so much for having created this tribute page for Joan Veon :) <3

Several years back Joan Veon visited an United Nations Conference in Vienna (Austria). She was living in a simple hotel there and visited also our family at home where she spoke to some guests about what is going one. - Soon after her return to the United States she got seriousely ill and some time afterwards she died.

Since then there have been many more developments all validating Joan Veon's serious research studies.

Joan Veon was not only a walking encyclopedia, she visited more than 100+ international conferences as a Christian journalist, she was also on a personal level very friendly and open. Blessed be her memory!

On I think you still should get copies of her two books she wrote. (You will suprised be to learn how much power and influence the Prince of Wales really had and even now more has. - There was just a World Government Summit and prior to this conference Prince Charles visited the Sheikh of Dubai who then presided the conference).
(A huge volume about the power of the United Nations and the evil power they have worldwide. Joan Veon had looked deeper into the United Nations, World Bank etc. as probably any other journalist. - Do not forget that in the Commonwealth of Nations there are 53 nations. This means the British dominated Commonwealth has about 1/4 of the votes in the United Nations and other international institutions. - Queen Elizabeth II is still the nominal head thereof and now Prince Charles is expected to take over. - Do not remember precisely, but about one quarter of the world population is living in the Commonwealth still under close supervision of the British Foreign Ministry.)

In the books linked here below you get much additional information. I know the authors all and stand in contact with them:

"BANKING PIRATES OF THE CITY OF LONDON" by John D. Christian (published in 2016)

"Antichrist and the Green Prince" also by John D. Christian (published in 2007)

(John D. Christian had intensive contacts with Joan Veon in the past) from Tim Cohen - a Messianic Jew living in Colorado

"The AntiChrist & a Cup of Tea (Whereby a Cup of Tea is pointing towards the power Great Britian still has in World Affairs)"
(He works hard to publish very soon his second edition with a lot of additional topics)

Samuel Tuominen has done intensive research and has written a huge book in this connection > unfortunately it is just available in Finnish language and has not been translated until now (But you get some English information on that website too).

If you need some additional information you may contact me either by e-mail or via facebook (Even I mainly did only some research and have not written a research paper by my own).

On the pages of Tony Gosling from Bristoal (UK) an investigative journalist - - you can learn a lot.

You also can visit the forum section there where I contributed a bit too: (Your browser will give a warning. Just continue there is really no problem there at all!!!).

Best greetings from Switzerland
Martin Lauchenauer

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